Monday, August 24, 2009

The Bucket List

Unlike E28, this car hasn't been thoroughly neglected throughout its life, rather the opposite. However, more than a few scars were applied to it by the caring stdealership (the name withheld to protect the guilty). Nowadays, it mostly is under the caring custody of the first (and hopefully the only) owner, with rare endeavors to trusted places.

  • Instrument Cluster (dead pixels)
  • O2 Sensor (misfire, rough idle)
  • Driver Door Window Rails (loud clicking sounds)
  • Driver Door Window Regulator (window got stuck halfway down, cause identified to be a five cent piece of plastic shattered under extreme heat)
  • Coolant expansion tank (cracked)
  • Sticking right rear door (won't open at times)
  • Radiator (cracked)
  • Viscous Clutch (seized)
  • Front pads and rotors (normal wear & tear) @60,731 mi
  • Water Pump (bearing seal went south)
  • Belt drive pulleys and tensioners (preventive maintenance, original pulley bearings got too loose for my liking)
  • Front right window regulator (part #51338236860) - gave up the ghost on 2009/09/22
  • Reading light (part #63312491509)
  • Nothing
  • Sticking left rear door lock - won't lock once in a while
  • Driver Door window rails (loud clicking sound)
  • Parking brake needs to be adjusted (doesn't hold)
  • Front suspension rebuild - at 65K miles, aging shocks are becoming noticeable, as well as a little shimmy under hard braking from high speed
  • Cosmetic treatment - a few dings on the doors, plus a few small rock chips here and there - nothing abnormal for the climate and environment
  • Random OBC restarts once in a few months. Started right after the dealership replaced the radiator in July 2007, but the symptoms are so volatile, I would never prove anything, so the hell with it.

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